Should You Invest Your EPF Account I Savings?
Ever since 2007, your EPF account has been divided into two separate accounts. In the past, there was only one EPF account with one set of regulations; now there are two. Account I consists of 70% of your retirement savings. Account II consists of 30% of your savings. You can only withdraw money from Account… (0 comment)

How To Make 50k Passively
Making money passively can be a risky business. To start, you will need capital to offer as well as a company to invest in. Before beginning it’s important to be well researched in trading topics, as this will increase success. Two ways to make lots of money passively, is through blue chip stock and day… (0 comment)

How To Strike The Best Deal For Mortgage Refinance Rates?
Large numbers of people get mortgage loans from banks, financial institutes or governments for their properties. At times, they feel the need to refinance their mortgage loans so as to lessen the burden of huge monthly payments or installments. For this, they need to take into consideration the current mortgage refinance rates from various sources.… (0 comment)